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  • 3 Common ECG Simulation Benefits For ECG Monitor Testing

    3 Common ECG Simulation Benefits For ECG Monitor Testing

    When you are in charge of purchases for a large medical center, a clinic, or a hospital, you may feel an overwhelm with the price range of the available electrocardiography, ECG simulators, and the ECG simulation features. On one hand you feel that simulation is […]

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  • Mental Health News

    Mental Health News

    Mental illness, visa woes stir unrest REPEATED attempts to maintain peace at the Christmas Island Immigration Detention Centre are failing because many of the men held there are seriously mentally ill and others are frustrated that they can neither get a visa nor be freed, […]

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  • Do I Have Asthma?

    Do I Have Asthma?

    What is asthma? Asthma is a lung disease that affects the airways, It causes obstruction of the airways. Airways plays a very important role as it is responsible for carrying air in and out from lungs. If a person suffering from asthma the muscles surrounding […]

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  • The American Fitness Evolution

    The American Fitness Evolution

    America is always reinventing itself. Let me paint a picture for you. When I get old I will sit on my porch after mowing my lawn in the summer and shake my fist at the teenagers racing up into the air of my suburban neighborhood […]

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  • Healthy Nutrition News: July, 01

    Healthy Nutrition News: July, 01

    Nutrition program helps families afford healthy foods Connecticut women who meet income guidelines and need help providing their children with nutrient-rich foods can turn to the Hospital of Saint Raphael and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC). Saint Raphael’s coordinates […]

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  • Stress Help – How Important Is Perception?

    Stress Help – How Important Is Perception?

    Part of the definition of Stress is: Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, nervous, or anxious. So this poses the question, what makes YOU feel this way? The reason for the emphasis on “you” above is we […]

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