The new era of shopping for drugs online starts in 2016

My Canadian Pharmacy heralds the new era of shopping for medications online with the launch of its brand-new platform. The recently released My Canadian Pharmacy service helps you to find the most affordable medications by proven, reliable vendors really quickly and effortlessly. The platform is gathering dozens of mostly local stores (even though there’s still a bunch of international online pharmacies on the list) with numerous drugs modifications and brand names. Now to make a proper choice you don’t have to surf for hours, dig out reviews and make your way through scam and fraudulent sites – everything you need is gathered at one place for your convenience. So this is how it works.

 When demand meets diligent implementation

shopping for drugs

Despite the rapid growth of the online meds sales industry, the variety of problems and challenges is still there. Insufficient info on the seller, doubtful quality of the products, lack of trustworthy payment methods and shipping for weeks and month and other weak points of shopping online still refrain thousands of buyers from purchasing the drugs on the web – the fact that significantly slows down the development of the industry. My Canadian Pharmacy (MCP) is reimagining the process of purchasing drugs through integration, formalization and aggregation tools. Yes, MCP is a neoteric platform that aggregates online pharmacies, medications and heaps of information to create seamless shopping experience.

 The scope of information is quite impressive: within just a few weeks after the launch the platform has gathered 50+ sellers and the number seems to be growing on the daily basis. The assortment of products is another strong reason to at least drop in at the website – a dozen of drug categories and hundreds of modifications: from costly, time-tested preparations by FDA-approved manufacturers to absolutely affordable generic alternatives. You will definitely find the option that suits you perfectly as the platform developers pay close attention to refinement, selection and enlarging the line-up of drugs. Now you can choose from men’s and women’s health, pain relief, antibiotics, antidepressants, anxiety, blood pressure, skin care, eye care and a number of other product categories. The lineup is comprised with the products and active ingredients heading the list of US top 500 most demanded medications in mind.

 Erectile dysfunction in scope

With the emergence of PDE-5 inhibitor drugs, millions of males finally saw a light in the end of the tunnel. As it turned out, the price range for the branded drugs remained unchanged for several years and the development of more affordable alternatives was almost inevitable. And unfortunately, the invention of generic preparations solved the problem only partially – with the manufacturing of new products the market was flooded with poor quality and counterfeit products, and finding an optimal solution has turned into a complicated task again.

 At My Canadian Pharmacy this problem is partially eliminated through the implementation of verification and monitoring mechanisms – representing an online pharmacy as a business at MCP is not a walk in the park. All the partner drugstores undergo verification process to exclude fraud and scam actions towards customers. The newcomer drugstores get access to the platform on a trial basis, and if any terms and conditions violations become evident, the pharmacy is suspended or excluded from the list of partners in a matter of hours.

 So how does it correlate with erectile dysfunction drugs? With over 19 million of males suffering from ED in the US and Canada, the demand for the drugs is gaining momentum. And now when you’ll need quality Viagra or generic Cialis online with zero risks for your health or budget, you can drop in at MCP, choose the drug basing on the parameters, select the seller and make a payment using one of the common payment methods. The quality of erectile dysfunction drugs on the list leaves nothing to be desired, while the diversity of medicaments is simply incredible. My Canadian Pharmacy offers zillions of products, taking into account the requirements of the potential customers: therefore, those suffering from cardiovascular diseases can take advantage of 2.5mg Cialis (the minimum dosage that is so difficult to find; no splitting needed), while those patients having premature ejaculation problems can make use of double-component, dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate-based medications. Finally, you can always choose from sophisticated, rare drug modifications, like Viagra Oral Jelly, boasting a handy form and Viagra Super Active, standing out from the lineup with an increased active ingredient concentration.

 Delivery and customer service: the offbeat approach

At My Canadian Pharmacy you can count on professional consultations: live or via email, so whether you are making a tough choice or not sure whether this or that medication suits you, you can always ask for a professional consultation – timely response is guaranteed. As a rule, each order is backed by an advanced refund program, while $200+ orders come with free expedited shipping. As for the delivery speed – it doesn’t actually depend on the products you purchase, but depends on your location, order size and shipping method: from a couple of business days to a couple of weeks, this is where you are free to choose from various options.

 In general, My Canadian Pharmacy is a pleasant to interact with platform: a symbiosis of user-friendliness and smooth performance guarantee online shopping experience second to none. Make your best purchases online – drop in at MCP for the best selection of truly affordable and effective medications.

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