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  • Psychological causes of impotency

    Psychological Сauses of impotency and Treatment in Online Pharmacy

    In 10-20% of cases the reasons of erectile dysfunction are of psychological nature. Sometimes they can arise under the influence of already present physical problem, compounding the disease. The psychological reasons of impotency often develop at the background of sexual trauma disorder in the childhood […]

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  • Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

    Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

    Men with diabetes have a greater risk of ED than men generally. Various studies show that 35% to 75% of men with diabetes will develop some degree of ED and more than 50 % will develop ED within 10 years of the onset of diabetes. […]

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  • Guide for Erectile Dysfunction

    Guide for Erectile Dysfunction

    Women – at least, so some anxious men choose to think – only make matters worse. They can, if needs be, have sexual intercourse without arousal or interest. They can use lube if they’re not aroused. They can enjoy sex to some degree without an […]

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  • Research Australian scientists: Clinical Picture of Hipodinamism

    Research Australian scientists: Clinical Picture of Hipodinamism

    There is no doubt that androgens affect male sexual function, as well as viagra in Australia in general, and erectile physiology, in particular. ED and hypogonadism co-exist in the same men more frequently than pure causative explanations can justify. Older men have more ED and lower […]

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  • Medications as causes of ED

    Medications as causes of ED

    Although many prescription medications have been implicated in disorders of sexual desire, arousal, and orgasm, medications to treat hypertension and psychiatric disorders are most frequently cited as contributing to these dysfunctions. Antihypertensive Medications. The majority of antihypertensive medications have been implicated in sexual disorders. However, […]

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