Guide for Erectile Dysfunction

Women – at least, so some anxious men choose to think – only make matters worse. They can, if needs be, have sexual intercourse without arousal or interest. They can use lube if they’re not aroused. They can enjoy sex to some degree without an orgasm. And if all else fails they can put on a show of enjoying it even when they aren’t. But for men, failure to get an erection feels like the end of the world. A man can’t fake an erection!! There are days I can’t even fake a smile. Female Viagra Australia here.

Seriously though, the way many men see it: no erection means sexual intercourse is off the agenda, and it’s all over, red rover. Confronted by a weak or absent erection, you may incline to feelings of hopelessness, futility, uselessness. Woe is me, you may think, when your mind’s desirable Dr Jekyll self falls prey to the unwelcome Mr Hyde of ED. But, all is far from lost. The good news is that there are so many good therapy options available that there is almost certainly one to work for you and your Dick and to banish Mr ED’s contrived personality.

To further understand ED we can break it down into more temporal and specific categories:

– Lifelong or Chronic ED is a long-term condition with no identifiable cause.

– Acquired ED can be identified when it starts at a particular point in time.

– Situational ED arises only in certain situations or partners.

You can probably start to relate to one or to a combination of these. In Step 3 you will see how varied the psychological and physical sources of ED are. There is usually a combination of sources that need targeted treatment Viagra in Canada to treat it effectively. Before we get into what therapy options are available, have a look at possible life symptoms from your ED condition.

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