Psychological Сauses of impotency and Treatment in Online Pharmacy

In 10-20% of cases the reasons of erectile dysfunction are of psychological nature. Sometimes they can arise under the influence of already present physical problem, compounding the disease. The psychological reasons of impotency often develop at the background of sexual trauma disorder in the childhood or in later life. Psychological causes of impotency

Nowadays the most popular causes of impotency are the following:

Stress, caused by work or daily life, or as a result of communicating with a partner. It is often the most important enemy as it influences health in general. Problems at work, personal troubles, some commotions, financial difficulties – all this continuously accumulates and the person starts feeling unwell.

The fear of possible failure, especially if a man experienced some difficulties before. A man starts to worry a lot about the future sexual intercourse, think about how he will do it or worry about how to satisfy his partner, if she would like it and so on.

Guilt. In some cases a man begins to think that he does not satisfy his partner. The guilt is often connected with fear.

Depressive syndrome. If a man under influence of various factors starts to feel depressed, it may lead to dysfunction. Moreover, it influences even when a man feels quite comfortable in the situations that suppose the sexual intimacy. The cause may be various, not necessarily connected with the sexual side of life.

Low self-esteem. A man starts thinking about his failures, possible problems or inability to be liked by his partner in bed. Sometimes it is a result of the poor knowledge or just the lack of general awareness.

The lack of sexual drive. In some cases a man can experience low sexual drive, probably do not want the intimacy, as a result of what the sexual dysfunction develops.

Sometimes psychological causes may be interrelated – the failures lead to fear of the second sexual intercourse, the low self-esteem becomes the reason of depression and stress. It is important to understand that almost every man experienced the erection problems to some extent. If the problems are of systemic character, it is necessary to consult the doctor immediately, as these diseases are not only of your concern, but also of your partner’s.

Treatment Your impotence in Online Pharmacy

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