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If we are able to look with the eyes of a clairvoyant at the nerves and arteries of a neurasthenic, we will see cracks at lots of places, out of which the energy flows away. Such a man is weak. What are the reasons for that? First of all, these are the unbridled human passions.

The reason for getting insane is due to the fact that both parts of the brain are positive or negative. In order one to be in normal state, positive energy shall flow in one of the brain hemispheres, and in the other – negative. When one becomes too sharp, i.e. too electrical, mildness shall be applied to the left part of his brain, i.e. magnetism. If you put your hand on the head of a healthy man, you will feel two flows: one warm and one cold. However, if you put your hand on the head of an unstable man, you will feel only one warm flow. In order to help himself, he shall ask a friend of his, to put his hand on his head in order to regulate the energies of his brain. Read more about impotence medications

Aim at transforming the excessive energy in yourselves, especially the one in the back part of the brain. That energy is the reason for almost all diseases, for all negative states. Sometimes that energy gathers behind the ears, as well as round the temporal zone and make one nervous, irritable, ready to be cross and take offence at the smallest thing.

One of the reasons for neurasthenia is the weak connection between the human organism and the solar energies. If you strengthen that connection, the neurasthenia will disappear. One, who is connected to the Sun, leads a good, rational, and moral life.

Through self-control, one assimilates the excessive energy of his organism. The neurasthenic, however, cannot assimilate that excessive energy in himself, as a result of which it disperses, flows out. Neurasthenia is due to cracks in the nervous system, from where the nervous energy flows out. Fear also evokes cracks in the nervous system, which causes outflow of nervous energy. In order to get rid of neurasthenia, one shall stop the outflow of nervous energy. Mexican pharmacy shop

Which is the reason for the diseases? The reason is the weakening of the vital energy of somebody, at which it turns into potential and passive. In order to cure himself, one shall turn the potential energy into kinetic one. This can be achieved through various medications, which stimulate the passive energy. Sometimes Bulgarians treat the fever by splashing the ill person with cold water. In this way they produce a strong reaction and if the passive energy turns into active one, the ill person recovers.

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